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Mar 12

Posts: 4

bonniebaby says:

Advice on a mistreated horse...


I have my horse at a stables in Essex and at the yard there's a shetland pony and a goat that, I belive, are being mistreated. They've not been turned out over a year and even when being mucked out (not daily) they are not removed from the stable. I realise that they're "basic" needs are being met and that they are being feed and watered but to keep these two animals locked in a stable is so so cruel. It was particularly sad this morning when all the other horses were being turned out today on such a beautiful day and they were there with their head just poking above their doors. It literally breaks my heart and I know it's sad but I cried this morning. The goat is so fat he barely moves and the pony hasn't been groomed in 18 months or removed from his stable. The owner goes up a few times a week (not daily). So rare in fact I've never met them! Others at the stables are equally horrified at how they're treated but say they can't do anything.

Please can someone tell me what I can do? I called the RSPCA this morning but they said that they'll see whether they need to go out or not.

Thank you!

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Jan 09

Posts: 2799

equi says:

Re: Advice on a mistreated horse...

 Leave a note offering to turn out the pony and bring it in with your own. It might be lami prone though so cant go out on grass. As for the goat...goats are mental and you couldn't keep it in a field without very good fencing or a rope so unless she is willign to do that (which im going to bet she isnt) it would be better if the RSPCA take it. It is an offence to cause your animal to be obese so they could take it on those grounds,

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Sep 08

Posts: 5219

brook says:

Re: Advice on a mistreated horse...

OMG that is so sad and very upsetting. Is there a reason that this horse is stabled 24/7 ? I would have a chat with the owner and as Equi has said maybe you could offer some help. If there is nothing wrong with the animals then they deserve a better quality of life. Just a thought, the goat might be company for the horse if he has a long standing injury or illness so try to find out what is wrong if anything !

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Apr 05

Posts: 2992

rhapsody says:

Re: Advice on a mistreated horse...

You would really need to find out the circumstances here, as Brook says the goat may be there for company for a pony who for some reason cannot go out.  Initially when my Rhapsody was diagnosed with Cushings, his laminits was so severe at the time that he was stabled for almost 2 years, however he did get out to stretch his legs for a short time on a soft surface but that was it, and I did tend to him 2-3 times a day etc, but there was a reason for stabling him and I remember at the time an ignorant so and so having an opinion about it even though she was fully aware of the circumstances - not that I'm labelling YOU in that category, you understand!  Try to find out a bit more, is the yard owner aware of anything and could shed light on it?  She must see the owner when they pay livery, surely?

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Oct 07

Posts: 395

msg_minx says:

Re: Advice on a mistreated horse...

I would ask the owener and get all the facts.  Although even if the pony has laminitis it should not be kept locked up for a year and there are other ways to let it out such as a pen or in the school for a run and a roll etc.  Just like on boxrest there are ways not to have them locked up so to speak.

I would also speak to yard owner.  Good luck x

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Mar 09

Posts: 3584

Micki says:

Re: Advice on a mistreated horse...

Definitely find out first if there is a reason for it being kept in a stable.

I had Danser on complete box rest for 9 months. She wasn't allowed to come out of her stable due to the injury she had. She damaged a ligament and the vets wanted to put a pot on her whole leg to keep it as still as possible but i knew she would box walk being cooped up so they left it with the strict instructions to keep her as still as possible and most definitely don't take her out of the stable. It drove us both mad and i was so relieved when she could finally get turned out.

Speak to the YO. Good luck and i hope you can find out why ir isn't going out and if it isn't for any specific reason offer to look after it for the owner.

. .A horse is a thing of such beauty. . .none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor. ~Xenophon

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Jan 12

Posts: 8

picklebaba says:

Reporting a problem

 Hi...don't forget that there are other people who may be able to help, not only the RSPCA. You might find you get a better response if you approach an equine charity who are more experienced with horses.

World Horse Welfare have Field Officers, whose job it is to check on reported cruelty cases, so I would contact them and ask them to come out.

Also, the British Horse Society have Welfare Officers who do the same thing, so you could also contact their welfare department and ask them to visit the animals.

By asking these people to do it you can avoid getting into a difficult situation yourself with the owner. 


Good luck.

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