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Mar 12

Posts: 1

Irishheart says:

horse training help wanted

my 9 year old 16.2 TB gelding was out on loan due to me loosing my job. before he went he was a great horse competeing in hunts, beach, XC and done hacking  he was turned out for 8weeks to grass and wasnt ridden in this time then he went on loan to a girl who was a notice rider. when she rode him she has turned him to Buck and rear then she stoped riding him i didnt know this at the time. so i finaly brought him home when i herd and now after 10months of being out of work im going to be the one to bring him back intowork.  i am a experianced rider and have good seat and good confidence with horses.

any help/ideas with bringing him back intowork welcome.??? thanks :)

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Apr 05

Posts: 2848

rhapsody says:

Re: horse training help wanted

First of all get his back, teeth and tack checked over to ensure there is no physical cause for the bucking and rearing.  Then after that I would start by doing some ground work with him on the lunge, get him listening to you and build up his confidence, once that is established well then start backing him again as though he was a baby, just sitting quietly getting him to walk for you.  Do this for a few days then add in trot, then  keep that going and a few days later add in canter and so on until he is confident with you and more settled.

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Oct 07

Posts: 382

msg_minx says:

Re: horse training help wanted

I agree with all of the above.  Checking no pain issues causing him to buck etc then I would start with inhand groundwork and lunging.  Ideally I would hack as been oout of work so long but if he is liable to mess arund lunging may be safer!  Good luck!

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Apr 12

Posts: 2

headshy says:

Re: horse training help wanted

In addition to lunging I would do lots of ground work with him as it is an excellent way to assess or to observe any issues before you get back in the saddle.  It will help re-establish your relationship, leadership, trust and control. 

I always think if I have got control and respect from the ground - chances are any problems will be made worse when I'm on board.

If you know Join Up that might be a good place to start once all phyiscal checks have been made to ensure there are no physical issues.

Also, I came across this which might help http//



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