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Apr 08

Posts: 264

flow says:

What bedding for my messy boy!


I currently have my cob gelding on straw as its cheap and easy to get hold of as I buy off yard owner. I invested in some rubber matting only to be the stuff with large bubbles so the wet stuff and poo gets stuck in between so I was better off without. Cant afford to but anymore and want to get rid of the stuff I have at the minute so wanted to know what to bed my horse on.

Want something that is going to be value for money. my boy is keen on eating straw too so want to swap for his health. He does lie down so gets very wet from straw too. is there other bedding where he wont be so wet? he is sooooooooooooooo messy to so we seem to waste alot of bedding. is there something that absorbs better and gets less messy other than straw..........just dont want to end up spending a fortune on bedding and not just cost but the amount if bed I have to take out which uses up lots of time for me in the mornings.

look forward to your opinions

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Jan 12

Posts: 48

Paints says:

Re: What bedding for my messy boy!

I have used straw before and it is a total mess. I use pine shaving. They are a-round $4.50 for a bag. The pain shaving are  easiler to clean then straw and don't get as wet as easiler.

Shiloh girl for life.

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Oct 07

Posts: 382

msg_minx says:

Re: What bedding for my messy boy!

I wa susing shavings and wood pellets underneath to soak up the pee on fitted rubber matting and matting sheets but very expensive so changed to a mix of milled straw and shavings at £4.80 a large bale.

Tthe straw is milled so not messy and is absorbent while the eucalyptus helps respiratory issues when stabled and the sour apple taste stops them eating the straw which is so finely chopped its great.


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