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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Who weighs their horses hay and feed ?

I have never weighed any of my feed for Tenor as the poor chap is usually overweight ! So it's normally a handfull of Safe & Sound with Baileys Lo-Cal. I am thinking about weighing Tilly's feed though just to make sure she's getting the correct amount. I weigh taped her the other day but this is'nt reputed to be very accurate so if anyone knows a more accurate method apart from a weight bridge that would be great.


If anyone needs to work out how much forage and how much concentrate to feed their horse have a look at Bailey's Horse Feeds web-site, you can enter your horses weight / condition and work load and it will work it all out for you.

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Sep 11

Posts: 38

murphsmum says:

Re: Who weighs their horses hay and feed ?

Feed ad lib haylage when he's in at night and YO throws some over the door at around 10pm if it looks as if he will run out. If he put too much weight on I would move on to soaked hay rather than restrict intake. Thye all get some in the field over winter when the ground/grazing is poor. He only has a handful of unmollassed chaff and speedibeet so that he can have supplements, doesn't need "feed" as such.

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Jul 11

Posts: 612

wagonsroll says:

Re: Who weighs their horses hay and feed ?

Lyn this is such an emotive subject. I don't weigh any feeds but am gradually realising that i can't be trusted with a feed regime. Mine are all too fat and i can see ribs, this is according to Leahurst, therefore I let my OH feed hay, cos he is so mean (!!) and i now only feed hardfeed once a day. I also use sugarbeet, just because as a base food if i haven't soaked "enough" then i cant just tip more in. I always feed enough but if its rainy or snowy i have to admit to allowing bigger feeds in colder wet weather!


Everything i was taught from 3 years old was a well cared for horse didn't show ribs unless they were in work everyday and you fed them up accordingly. Now mine are only ridden occasionally i have to accept that they need to have less food or more exercise, as i cant ride them for two hours a day then i must cut the food down. I am finding it so hard, especially the first few days after Jen came back from leahurst, they all ate their reduced rations and then kept licking and biting the bottoms of their feed buckets, when i turned them out they all tried to come back in for more food. But they are accepting now that its one feed and it doesnt last long, the last few days we've cut hay from twice a day to once a day and at least i know i'll have no problems with the spring grass coming through.



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