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Aug 11

Posts: 498

Martingale help for strong and silly horse.

Sorry I promise this will be my last question ! :(

Basically Jenpony goes absolutely MAD if she sees another horse in the distance when we are out riding, whether walk, trot or faster and wants to catch up. I think it is because her old owner hunted her winter 2010/spring 2011. so She is really naughty sometimes and can have no discipline whatsoever which is sad as I can't do long hacks if she continues as she is not safe.(Today she was backing up half rears and tempting to bolt then jogging all the way home. she eventually calmed down after 10 minutes but this is getting quite scary.)

So my question is about martingales... I am considering a martingale (And / OR a stronger bit - dutch gag french link) and I do not know which one to get. Running or standing. What is the difference and what do they enable me to do . Thanks so much for any answers.


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Feb 10

Posts: 451

SarahR123 says:

Re: Martingale help for strong and silly horse.

A standing martingale should never be used if you jump while you're out.  I'd also be worried if the pony tripped as it restricts their head movement as it attaches to the noseband.  Running martingale is a bit more forgiving and if fitted right should stop you getting hit in the nose if she chucks her head up.  Have you a friend with a sensible pony who could accompany you for a while while she settles down?  Good luck

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