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Dec 09

Posts: 310

Dogtired says:

Would you..

Hi Guys


Haven't been on for an absolute age, hope your all well.

A question..

If you was looking for an equestrian property to buy, would it put you off if you went to view at this time of year and it was muddy? Or would you be able to look past that and think your seeing it at it's absolute worse.



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Jan 09

Posts: 2799

equi says:

Re: Would you..

 Tbh if you buy a place that isn't muddy then you are not buying somewhere in the UK! 


As long as the property has water and a large enough field it will be okay.

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Jan 09

Posts: 2546

Cocosmom says:

Re: Would you..

It would depend on how muddy and what conditions the land is being subjected to, i.e. many horses on a small plot of land, are the drainage ditches full and need dredging out to relive drainage on the land and where it is, i.e. low land next to a river or at the bottom of an embankment so that all the water drains into your land which is always likely to be yuck in winter.


I guess it also depends on where in the country, we have had one of the driest winters that I can remember this year and our fields are so dry and in good condition whereas they are normally quagmires for several months so when I see other fields nearby that are really really bad at the moment it makes me wonder what a state they would be in if we had had a normal wet winter! On the flip side, Tommy Tank down in Wales has had a lot of rain compared to us in the Midlands so would disagree that we have had a dry winter so it depends on your location and the weather in that area.

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Jul 08

Posts: 213

igglepop says:

Re: Would you..

 I would rather view it at its worset, then you know what to exspect.

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