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Dec 11

Posts: 131

PonyMad4Ever says:

In hand Showing - First Show... Tips?

 On 18th March I am taking Harry to his first show of the season (2nd pr 3rd ever, I think). I am leading him whilst her daughter rides him in the Childs First Pony class, and I will be doing some sort of In Hand thing first to get him used to the arena etc...

I have never competed before, so any tips etc. are very welcome and appreciated! The good thing is that I am going with my Instructor so won't be 'alone'.

Harry is an 11hh Welsh A :)


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Feb 12

Posts: 160

Re: In hand Showing - First Show... Tips?

He's very cute and I did my first in hand show when I was 10. Good luck with it, I gave showing up due to some judges preferring the dainter ponies to the heavier cobs and all the cobs were placed last :( But I might be showing Ruby :)

Anyway make sure hes repsonsive and he trots when you ask him to, make sure he stands still and doesnt paw the ground or try to bite anyone else. Make sure he looks as clean as possible :P Make sure he doesnt nap towards anything.

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