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You are in... Forums > Welcome To Your Horse Forum > The Yard > Black eye, cut eyebrow, twisted glasses - the joys of pony ownership !!

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Black eye, cut eyebrow, twisted glasses - the joys of pony ownership !!

I was bending over the water trough this evening trying to take out some odd bits of scummy grass and hay, Captain came up to have a drink, and unbeknown to me Fate came up behind him, and caused him to move sideways a bit and throw up his head.

His head hit me on the corner of my glasses and my eye, my glasses fell off, and I heard a splash as they fell into the trough.

I'm a bit blind without my glasses, but managed to fish them out - the water was b****y freezing, lol !! - and discovered that one arm was pointing out straight and a lens had come out.

I keep my old specs as spares in the car, so went back to put those on, fished about for my lens, finished up all the jobs and came home....

By the time I got home, OH told me I had a beautiful eye, which has since swollen up over the lid, and 2 cuts on the eyebrow from where the metal on the glasses cut me.........and will have to visit the opticians tomorrow to find out if they can mend my glasses.....

Oh the joys of horse ownership  

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Jan 09

Posts: 2403

Cocosmom says:

Re: Black eye, cut eyebrow, twisted glasses - the joys of pony ownership !!

Ouchy! Glad your ok though and the glasses were temporarily fixed! These things can happen so quickly!

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