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Nov 11

Posts: 4

hoofrey says:

what should I feed my 9 month old filly?

I have recently bought a section c filly.  She is a little on the small side - her mum was a section A and her dad a C, so she may not make height.  She is microchipped and passported and cost me £20!

None of this really matters, as I only bought her to stop her going to the meat man. 

Her previous owner was feeding her a large handful of cool mix and a large handful of chaff and she was turned out all the time but on quite poor grass.  He breeds several foals a year and they all have the same.

Since coming to ours I have kept her diet the same initially to minimise upset, and she has taken well to good quality hay as there is not much in our poor Welsh grass at the moment!  She is stabled at night but turned out for about seven hours a day.

She was completely wild when I bought her, and terrified out of her mind at being taken away from her siblings.  She is proving to be a little star though, and was halter trained after only a couple of days and adores being around my children and the other horses at our house....she has even got attached to my old black lab.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

what should i feed my 9 month old filly?

JJ my 9 month old gelding is fed on Spillers stud and youngstock mix, Alpha chaff and a glug of vegetable oil. He is still with mum and he has been eating that since he was about a month old out of mum's bowl and then he had his own feed bowl. He has grown nicely. Good luck with your filly. You can give a few feed companies a call to see what they suggest.

One piccy JJ at 2 days old, the other one is at about 6 months, with his future owner picking his feet out.

Attached images:

  1. jj feet 1  
  2. roobee and foal 2 days old  

Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

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