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Imogen Johnson


Nov 08

Posts: 45

How do you feed hay?

We would love to know how you feed your horse his hay - is it adlib all the way or are you strict on his rations?

Please let us know your thoughts and ask any questions you might have about feeding hay.

And have you got any tips for slowing down a fast hay eater?

Write in here and your comments could be in the Spring issue of Your Horse magazine!

Imogen Johnson | Editor | Your Horse

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Apr 10

Posts: 430

lauralou15 says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

 Guinness gets 2 big haynets at night...he is a fast eater so to slow him down we out an empty haynet over the top..lasts him hours!!

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Nov 11

Posts: 254

Lottiepony says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

Andee gets as much as she can eat but in small holed haynets as think she'd get through even more! Always like to see a little left in her night net as dont like it when she eats out :)

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

Our 4 all live out, and they get 8 haynets at night, 3 or 4 during the day - the day hay is put on the ground in little piles, the night hay the same but I also leave some in the nets which are hung on the stables & field shelter.

When it's less cold and there's more grass, then the hay is reduced. They're all good doers, and if they had access to hay adlib then they'd get through far more than they do now !!

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

Re: How do you feed hay?

If i ad-lib hay for Roobee she would easily do over a bale a night. she wont stop until she is full and the hay is all gone. She has half a bale over night and it is usually gone in 5 hours it is a small holed haylage net but still doesnt really slow her down.

JJ is fed hay shaken out in a pile in the corner of his stable/ I give him 2-3 slices over night. He is 9 months old.

They are turned out from 6am to 6 pm and then in the stable for the other 12 hours.

Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

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Mar 11

Posts: 127

Alphabay says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

I feed Alpha her hay adlib all the way! In this weather she has two large haynets, but if i find her nets empty in the morning I give her some hay to eat before she goes out whilst I do the mucking out.

I will always feed hay adlib as I think that just like us they are going to be hungrier some days/nights than others.

She is a fast hay eater as well so has the haynets with the smallest holes I could possibly find, don't think she was too impressed with this at first, haha! I also know people whose horses eat very fast and they double up their haynets to slow them down even further.

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Aug 10

Posts: 104

emaluvsmango says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

Im currently having to re think my hay situation, my pony 13.3h chuncky native 4 years old lives out durning the day around 8am until 4pm then comes in at night, we only have small fields and the winter turn out fields and very churned up at the moment. bobs set up is a little complicated he has 3 days on his own with a very small, small holed hay net , the type that fits in 2 slices of hay, then he has 3 days with another pony and they have 1 large net between them, just on the floor, then swap back to on his own and at night he has four slices of hay in a medium sized small holed hay net. I thought we were doing ok, but the vets just been to see a goat this evening and i asked her to look at bob, he is still over weight, ugg, im so fed up. 

So my plan 

go down to 1 slice in the field during the day, at least until the grass starts to come through

go down to 3 slices in the evening, with one slice of straw mixed in, but im going to get some rubber matting, take away his straw bed which he eats at night. Im going to buy/make lots of intresting things i can put small amounts of his evening food in, and dot them around his stable, he has a massive stable and im just not making use of it, i want him to move and mooch at night and not just stand at his net then move on to his bed. 

I cant give him any less than this surely? would love to hear how much ponys similar to my lad get, maybe my portions are way out. He goes on hacks at the weekend and has a mixture of freelunging and riding in the paddock durning the week, i will be upping his exercise now though. 

any ideas much appreciated, in the spring,summer and autum he will be on resricted grassing using electric fencing 

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

During the Winter Tenor has several small sections of hay during the day, a small net first thing in the morning, a hay bucket in the paddock if there is no grass then another section of hay during the afternoon. At night he has a large net in his stable. In the Summer if grass is plentiful I have to soak his evening haynet as he's a very good doer and puts on weight easily. I find the best way to slow down a greedy horse is to use a small holed haynet or haylage net.

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Oct 09

Posts: 342

harriety says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

Kero is fed adlib haylage. Its really important that he isn't without forage as he is prone to stomach ulcers. He gets around 10kg a night in a large haynet and same again through the day if he is in. He is never without food and that suits him best.

“The only thing that keeps me SANE is my INSANE horse.” "Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer"

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Feb 10

Posts: 451

SarahR123 says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

Tehya (16.2WB) has about 25-30lb a night & Missy (15.2 TBx) has about 20-25lb a night. I weigh their haynets and feed according to the previous night (if a lot left I feed a bit less, if not much left I feed a bit more) the idea is that they don't run out as Tehya has colic problems.  Both girls have their hay soaked to remove some of the dust.

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Jane Menzies


Feb 06

Posts: 205

Jane Menzies says:

Re: How do you feed hay?

Hi, it is ad-lib, and in a very small holed haynet!  One of those elim-a-net jobs, pain to fill though, I'm always having to wrestle with it, but it does the job and keeps him occupied. 

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