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Apr 11

Posts: 115

Bananas says:

double bridle???

how do double bridles work? im teaching my pony out line but im not shore if its worth getting a double bridle :/ hes not strong at all i hunt him in a loose ring snaffle but is very soft and sensitive in the mouth.

im not shore what to do double bridle or not or is there another option?

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May 09

Posts: 528

XxMaddixX says:


 Hey,  unless you are planning on doing quite advanced dressage tests there really is no need for a double bridle, people seem to use them these days for absolutely no reason other than everybody else has their horse in them. They can help to get the horse into an advanced outline when used correctly, but with correct training you can get your horse into an advanced outline without a double bridle. THey can also be pretty dangerous if not used properly, encouraging the horse to buck if not released at the right time.

xx RIP Fenny- You gave me so much happiness and so many great memories xx

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Jan 09

Posts: 2205

equi says:

Re: double bridle???

 Double bridles are only for horses that already work in an outline on their own and don't need to be held, its for advanced dressage so the hands have more contact with the mouth but should never be used to hold the horse at all. You will notice that some riders let one rein drop after they have finished their rounds. I personally dont think youre ready for one.

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