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Aug 11

Posts: 270

nix123 says:

Re: What's your top 3 pet hates in the Equine World?

 1) Rude people let it be other riders/drivers (or imo the worst ones) you meet in the warm up area at shows!

2) Mothers you see at shows shouting at their kids " ride it/ kick it/ smack it" while the poor kids in tears shouting back "i want to get off"

3) Dog owners who cant control them, just so happens they usually walk their dogs on bridlepaths (Use the bleeding footpaths thats what they are there for)

Other than that i'm a very happy bunny XX


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Jan 12

Posts: 34

stormingtoby says:

Re: What's your top 3 pet hates in the Equine World?

1) ppl who say they can ride really well then get on ur horse and they cant control him!!

2) nix123 - no. 2 the same as u

3) ppl who say their horse is better than urs


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He knows when you're happy, He knows when you're comfortable, He knows when you're confident, And he always knows when you have carrots!!

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Feb 12

Posts: 29

Re: What's your top 3 pet hates in the Equine World?

 1. Bratty children that constantly beat their ponies and whinge :@

2. Yard managers that talk to you how they want and think they can walk all over you

3. People who assume that your horse is horrible when really they're just misunderstood. -my little pont can be a bit of a handful and a bit moody but if you take the time to know her she really is the sweetest thing in the world

Ohhh and sorry about this... 4. People who can't understand the meaning of 'fun'. Who don't see the point of 'fun dressage to music' or a 'funride'. Lighten up! 

Much love, breeandthegirls

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