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Dec 11

Posts: 1

titch91 says:

what colour numnah

Hi all i have just recently brought a red jacket and thinking what colour numnah i should have to go with it ( as i like everything to match as it looks smart ) my horse is a grey almost white i dont want a red numnah as i feel this would be a bit to much. The jacket has a black collar with white piping ..... such a random thing to ask but im stuck .....

Lisa :) xx

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Apr 11

Posts: 36

charlotte90 says:

Re: what colour numnah

 white with black or red piping will look nice??

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May 08

Posts: 960

TruStar says:

Re: what colour numnah

I think black with white piping would compliment the grey of your horse. As the collar of the jacket is black with white piping it would look smart.

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Nov 10

Posts: 382

izzymcq says:

Re: what colour numnah

yeah white is a good idea, grey is a hrad colour to work with.

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Jul 10

Posts: 2157

Re: what colour numnah

 Grey isn't a hard colour to work with at all, basically all colours go with grey!  green, blue, navy, pink, red, yellow, orange.Grey is a blank canvas. :) White with black or white piping sounds good. 

It's lonely in the saddle since the horse died.

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Oct 11

Posts: 93

AmandaKelly says:

Re: what colour numnah

I think black or white would go quite nicely with your jacket. you could have black, white or red piping on the numnah?

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