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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

Now that we have two horses i thought that it would be an idea to sit down and work out just how much they are costing us per month and OMG they are costing us !!! My tally only included the basics, no rugs, tack, grooming stuff, petrol for towing the trailer, insurance etc. My biggest expense apart from our rent is hay, they get through quite alot in the Winter so I will be looking at buying some of those large round bales next time ! Our second biggest expense is bedding so I actually found this quite a useful exercise. So everyone, do you know what your neddies are costing you or would you rather not lol.  

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Jul 08

Posts: 1072

tatti says:


We are now down to 1 horse and have had ponies/horses for many many years with my children growing in size LOL - but the biggest expense has to be the hay at nearly £7 a bale in our Suffolk region and of course the fuel getting to and from the yard, feed hasnt really gone up at that much and shoeing is just risen with inflation. Insurance has doubled I must admit, but then so has car and household insurance. With a big horse eating a bale of hay a day, if stabled during winter months, thats expensive at £7 a bale! Livery hasnt gone up at all, its still £20 a week DIY and has been for many many years.

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Nov 09

Posts: 922

Bluesnow05 says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

oh jesus since I've had Misty my newish pony I've never EVER been so skint! She's totally high maintenace compared to my TB mare Skippy who cost very little to keep.  Big shock to the system! Livery is fairly cheap at £90 per month, haylage £15 month, shoes approx £65 every 6-8 weeks, Feed about £30 month, insurance £35 month, my rider insurance £15 on top, new trailer was £1600 2 weeks ago, lady to come out do trailer loading lessons with Misty is £25 per hour so that could end up costing a few hundred!! Vet out to sedate her to clip her this month cost me £100, and she's about due the dentist and the back lady :(  Sheeeeshhhh that's pretty scary!!! That's without all the new tack, rugs, rug cleaning etc that I'm constantly buying.  Oh and I need a new coat, stock and shirt to hunt this month which on top of that is £80 for a days hunting.   oooh and forgot to add on shavings which are about £10 a week at least x

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Apr 05

Posts: 2851

rhapsody says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

Every time I go to the feed  merchant there seems to be 50p added onto everything, and as I'm there fortnightly it is really beginning to tell!  I've managed to move 2 of mine up to the farm where I normally rent my summer grazing, old farmer's great as he suggested it for winter grazing (the third one I don't trust not to wreck himself so he's still at home as the field is massive with lots of things for him to "investigate"), I pay £10 for each of them per week and he gives me his bedding which is wood fines (he gets it free from his pal) and as they're out during the day my haylage is lasting longer and I don't need to give them breakfast, just tea. got the use of an outbuilding with stable sized pens in it all to myself too, and he's given me a small enclosed paddock to ride in when the weather's good.   Normally with all three at home I would go through a round bale of haylage in a week at £25 each.  My bedding is up to £7.75 from £7 this time last year, and feed seems to go up weekly.

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Jan 09

Posts: 2205

equi says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

 It is probably because i have my own yard/field but feed/bedding/rug/vet/farrier wise i really don't spend that much for what i have and i dunno why!

I need about 2 bags of shavings a month (for sonny...jago is not my horse) so £14

one bag of sugarbeet....this usually lasts me about 6 months

1 bag of cond nuts which when mixed with the beet lasts about 2 months or so, same for cond mix

rugs, my local rug lady does a wash and repaird for 12 quid

vet is £25call out and usually only charges £15 for jabs and £40 for a go over, so tahts only £80 a year

Dentist is £45 

Farrier is £15


All together my horse costs about 700 a year. not terrible for a tb!

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Jul 11

Posts: 612

wagonsroll says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

This year we are feeding more and that has been a shock, with siem needing to be handled every day, gem getting her keragard for her feet and gen getting her veteran herbs, my feed bill this winter has rocketed. I'm ljucky that a friend is letting me have big bale hay at £30 per bale and we plan on only having 8 bales! OH was sayi g that he refuses to clip Siem for the winter and wouldnt it be more sensible to bring them in overnight when ridden. He went a bit quiet when i pointed out that our stables 22' x 10 min, one is 22' x 15, and that it would cost about £300 to put bases in each stable, let alone the running costs of three stables. So we shall see.

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

Ours live out, so I don't have the cost of bedding, although both stables have some shavings in, and I do keep a couple of bales in as a reserve.

We also have our own land, so no rent, thank goodness!!

Haylage we have cut off the field by a local farmer every year, we paid about £9 each for the big bales, which is a lot cheaper than buying in, but having the 2 new ones means I've had to order some more as we wouldn't have enough for 4, and they'll be £26 per big bale.

Also, it's amazing how 4 have poached the ground so much more than 2, and we won't get half so much haylage off next year 

The 2 new ones aren't fed as they're overweight, but they have a mineral lick, there's supplements for Bracken and Monty, and Bracken has extra feed in winter.

I've had to buy a new energiser and a couple more batteries as Captain is an escape artist, but so far fortunately, he's stayed in 

I do all my own rug cleaning, reproofing and mending..........and although Fate is naked atm, she did come with a couple of rugs, and she, Monty & Bracken will all fit the same size which is handy.

It does mount up when you think about it, but I try not to, lol, I'm like Sam, I put my head in the ground!!

Lets just say we'd be a lot richer without them, but I'd rather be poor and have them than the other way round.

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

I like my head in the sand really over the cost of keeping my 3 - its easier that way!! But here goes

1 month of hay for all 3 is £160 - this has doubled in price since I moved! I no longer look at my Vet bills but I guess they are about £3000 per year - mostly for my Cushing's girl.

OK now I break it down for each horse with bedding, farrier, insurance and extras and of course my lot are at home, although we have just spent £45,000 on new yard and stables:

Welshie per month £50, she is a really clean horse in the stable and a good doer
TB excluding per month £100 - she uses more bedding - her previous owner pays her insurance as I offered her a home when she needed one!
WB - now this will really hurt - £500, reduced from £700 with less medications!

Sadly since my WB was taken ill treats like new rugs etc no longer happen - we have to make do with what we have so she can have her medications, I am happy to go without to give her what she needs, but on top of that I do have the cost of electric, water probably £20 per monthy. And yes you can live on beans on toast, but a better meal with all the things you need in life is Eggs, Chips and Beans - cheap and covers everything - lived on it for years, then progressed to making huge stews so they would last for days!

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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Nov 09

Posts: 617

alrees says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

 i did that a couple of years ago when I owned one cob on livery... that was a shock then!! I am not doing it now! As I have two, kept on a private yard at the moment, who are both spoilt and fed a lot of hay and both love deep beds!! I know im spending a fortune on them but they deserve every penny! 
Things may change soon as i am moving yards in the new year because of a bereavement :-( maybe we can find somewhere cheaper so i can spend the money i save on myself for a change ;D 
Last year I know I spent a lot as not only did I buy my filly but I bought all her rugs, wardrobe! but I bought rubber matting for the stables, new tack and new rugs as my gelding out grew all his other ones!! 

~Beauty is in the eye of the beholder~ ~Never judge a horse by its past,always look at what it can do for you in the future~

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May 09

Posts: 159

bcraig1984 says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

My monthly bill:

£255  Livery

£68  Shoes

£30  Lesson

£44 Insurance

£397 Total


Thats the same just the basic pays a month! 



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Jun 11

Posts: 318

lou41 says:

Re: I've just had a bit of a shock lol !!

Its been a bit of a shock to the system now my boy is coming in overnight with bedding and hay to pay for. I've paired up with another livery so we have one visit a day each which saves on fuel a bit and we are sharing our straw and hay so one pays when we need some then the other. Luckily the farm has pleanty of straw and hay on site and our farmer lets us pay at end of month when we are feeling the pinch!

My livery is 90 a month so quite good, front shoes only 40 quid every 6/7 weeks very basic insurance and food which isnt too bad.

I've applied to do some agency care work to help me actually have a bit of cash tho will probably spend it on Ted!


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