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Nicola Young


Jun 10

Posts: 163

Nicola Young says:

What do you do to keep fit?

Your Horse's Emily and Allison went on a fitness and nutrition day yesterday with Torq Fitness. There they were interviewed and completed some fitness tests to figure out how they could benefit from improving their fitness and eating habits, and ultimately how this will make a big difference in their riding and at competitions.

We wanted to know, what do you do to keep yourselves fit and how do you manage to fit it into your schedule? Maybe you're an active gym member or perhaps you complete exercise DVD's when you can grab spare time at home?


(Find out how Emily and Allison got on in next month's issue of Your Horse...)

Nicola Young | Web Producer | Your Horse

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Sep 08

Posts: 4939

brook says:

Re: What do you do to keep fit?

I have a physical job working on a large plant nursery so I'm outside most of the time in all weathers lifting heavy trays of plants, weeding, pruning, sweeping and hoeing ! It really does keep me fit and toned up. A while back i mentioned to my mum that I was thinking about taking up jogging, she was shocked and said "Well if you start that you'll disappear altogether lol " I decided not to take up jogging mainly because I don't have the time !!

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Jane Menzies


Feb 06

Posts: 205

Jane Menzies says:

Re: What do you do to keep fit?

Looking after the horses and field duties kept me fit.  I joined a running club and went once a week to do sprinting/interval training and then two longer runs during the week.  Would cycle 7 miles each day as well throughout the summer too.  Now my fitness has gone to pot as recovering from a shoulder operation so don't expect to be doing anything on the fitness front until at least February.  Can't say I've missed the exercise!

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Oct 11

Posts: 30

amieee says:

Re: What do you do to keep fit?

I swim 7 hours a week. dance and yard activities keep me fit!

born to ride, forced to work(;

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Mar 12

Posts: 7

MattLuxton says:

Re: What do you do to keep fit?


I agree with vik1.  Nutrition and fitness indeed go hand in hand.  But you need rider specific fitness training to make you stronger, tidier over a fence and a lot more effective when your horse gets tired near the end of the race or round!

Many equestrian athletes (like Brook above) complain that they don't have enough time.  Fitting in everything you need to do in your daily life can be a nightmare… So adding something else to your already busy day can be tough, even if you know it’s good for you.

What we equestrian athletes need is a short, concise and focused exercise plan that can be done from home with minimal equipment that will target the specific muscle patterns we need in order to perform at our very best when we’re in the saddle.

Please visit my website get a free download of my book, "The Equestrian Emergency," which will help you realise why riding specific fitness training is so essential regardless of your level.


Matt Luxton is an Equestrian Athlete Performance Coach and Functional Training Specialist. He is the owner of Functionally Aware Fitness and has written several books including "The Equestrian Athlete Plan" and "Hot to Trot Cookbook."

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May 12

Posts: 48

Storm123 says:

Re: What do you do to keep fit?

I help out at the yard regularly and I walk my dog for at least 1 hour a day over the fields. I also play football (I'm in midfield, so I go pretty much everywhere) for 3-4 times a week and then I play netball on Tuesdays for 1 hour. I do athletics (mainly sprinting) and I do my two school P.E. lessons per week. I also eat a healthy, balanced diet. Then, I have my weekly riding lesson too.

Keep Calm and Canter On

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May 12

Posts: 77

JTurnbull80 says:

Re: What do you do to keep fit?

 During the winter I play rugby! keeps you in tip top shape (apart from a few cuts, bruises, lumps and bumps) and then riding develops my core strength, which helps rugby, which then helps riding! etc.

Bit harder during the summer though because theres no rugby on, but I'm currently training for Tough Mudder (12 miles, 25 special forces military style obstacles, finish by running through a field full of dangling live wires - good fun.) Having something to work towards is a great motivator.


That means running 5 miles at the moment, going to increase to 7 eventually, introduce sprinting, and gym once a week, where I'll run the 1.5 miles to the gym, do an all-over workout (cardio, upper body, rowing), then run back! 

Just in case anyone wants to have a look, I'm running it for help for heroes, and hopefully, if possible, for my local RDA. --->

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