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Aug 10

Posts: 87

ambertea123 says:

How do I stop him knocking the poles?!

I have recently bought a TB X ISH who's eight years old, but hasn't done much jumping as his last owners kept him for dressage. Although I do prefer dressage, I would still like to jump him. The woman had said he's no show jumper, and after today I can see what she ment! I started off with some trotting poles, took abit of effort to get him to go over them, then lifted one pole. He was doing okay, so I took it up one more (it was still hardly off the ground) And he would go over it in canter with out knocking it. So again, I took it up one more, and each time he knocked it! Is there any way to get him jumping higher with out knocking it down?

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Jul 11

Posts: 15

humbuglx says:

Re: How do I stop him knocking the poles?!

Use wooden poles, so when he knocks them he can feel it. Also he may not have that much respect for the jumps, as he may not have been taught to jump properly. So he may need to be re-taught how to carry himself over the jumps.

My pony used to be a bit like this, he used to be quite clumsy over jumps. But i have got him jumping 3ft3 on the lunge and 3ft ridden. He prefers the bigger fences even though he is 10.3hh! 

Hope this helps :) 

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Jan 12

Posts: 8

HerdtheWord says:

Re: How do I stop him knocking the poles?!

 My horse tends to knock down anything that's less than 1m, as she doesn't respect them when they're that small. 

She'll nearly always knock down plastic poles, but be careful when you use wooden poles as they may end up scaring them if they keep knocking them as they realise it hurts more than plastic ones and may decide to stop jumping them altogether!

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