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Spencer Wilton  says:

Schooling in 35 minutes

We know Your Horse readers are busy people with jobs to do, children to feed as well as horses to ride. Here Spencer Wilton sets out a time frame to ensure that you can fit your schooling session neatly into 35 minutes 5 MIN PIC – Five minute walk The most important thing to remember in winter is that if your horse...

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Oct 11

Posts: 1

iluveden says:

RE: Schooling in 35 minutes

i rlly like this plan, i always like to hav a plan when im riding it makes all the difference!

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Dec 11

Posts: 2

Colin345 says:

RE: Schooling in 35 minutes

Yeah, i agree, a plan is very helpful. And the good thing is with plans like this, you can adjust the times/lengths of each section to make it fit the amount of time you have.

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Aug 13

Posts: 8

RE: Schooling in 35 minutes

 Hi, I use downloads to listen to as I ride as they stop me wandering about aimlessly. The iRide ones are excellent, give plenty of structure and tips on correctness and feel. Give it a try!

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