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Nov 11

Posts: 1

cocoandrico says:

Aloe for ulcers?

 I've read that Aloe Vera gel is an effective treatment for gastric ulcers as well as throat infections and digestive disorders. I'm wondering if anyone has had good results using Aloe as a nutritional supplement.
For info on Aloe & Horses, see:

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Apr 05

Posts: 2848

rhapsody says:

Re: Aloe for ulcers?

I know someone who uses Forever Living aloe vera products and one of her step daughter's elderly ponies was very ill a couple of years ago, the vet was stumped and really wanted to pts, however she persuaded him to pass a stomach tube and she literally poured litres of it down over a few hours.  She went to bed not expecting the pony to survive the night, but she felt she had to give him a chance.  In the morning she looked out the window and saw her husband go into the stable, she put her head back under the duvet expecting the inevitable, when he didn't come in she looked back out and there he was taking the pony a hay net.  That pony survived another few years.  I've also heard about it being good for joint and mobility problems as well as stomach issues, there are a few different blends that they do depending what your needs are.  I've used their gel for wounds with great success, both in humans and horses.

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