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Nov 11

Posts: 4

ShellP77 says:

Pinching saddle - help

Hi can someone please help me - I have my horse now nearly 6 months he is  apart bred arab and has put on a bit of weight due to me  movinghim to  afield with plentyy of grass, I can only rid ehim weekends at present due to the dark evenings but I have noticed his saddle is rather tight behind his shoulders, he is very freluctant to go down hill and not very forward going at all. I have had himon restrcied grazing fo rhte last 8 weeks and he has lost a bit of weight bless him. His saddle is extra wide with the fish system , i have taken out the plastic fish bits hoping that will help but still has not made much diffrence.  Can anyone recommend a pad or is it  a riser I need just untill he has lost the weight as I really can't afford a new saddle. Any ideas wouldbe much appreciated.


Has anyone got any ideas please??!!!  Any hekp will be much appreciated

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Apr 05

Posts: 2848

rhapsody says:

Re: Pinching saddle - help

A pad will only make it tighter.  It sounds as though it needs lifting up at the front, so a front riser might do the trick.  Prolite do some good ones, also check out Robinsons and ebay.

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Jun 06

Posts: 657

sammyseshi says:

Re: Pinching saddle - help

hmm well tbh it may sound harsh but if your saddle does not fit and is painfull for him it may be best to not ride him at all untill you can get a fitter to come out.


As Rhapsody says a pad will make it tighter rather than helping...

My babies have hooves :)

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