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Sep 11

Posts: 13

cinderellaa says:

How can I remember the course?

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Sep 10

Posts: 67

richarderp says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

It’s always a problem – especially when the competition is of the type where you go straight into the jumpoff so you’ve got a course of twelve or more fences to remember.


Naturally, you’ve got to remember the whole course but when you’re walking it, I’d look for any turns where you could make a mistake. Usually, most of a course is obvious and you are forced to go a particular way but inevitably there are one or two points where you can see you could go wrong. Concentrate on remembering the first two or three fences along with these decision points and you’ll be fine.


My biggest nightmare is actually remembering a jumpoff course where you’ve already jumped it one way but the jumpoff is in a completely different order. In this case, you can’t even look at the numbers to help you. Add to that jumping against the clock and there’s plenty of scope for getting it wrong. In this case, I’ll walk the first round course then spend as much time again walking the jumpoff course. Okay, so it’s a bit of a presumption that you’ll get into the jumpoff but better that than not being prepared. At least you’re being positive.

GL, Richard

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Jul 11

Posts: 7

leanne23 says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

Hi I don't do a lot of jumping but I know how HARD it is to remember the course. I am not sure if this method will work for you or not but I ind remembering the colours of the jumps is the easiest way to remeber a course. For example, blue red green spots, blue red green spots. Like that. Hope it helps!!! Leanne23


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Mar 12

Posts: 5

FreddieBoy says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

 I know this sounds silly but sometimes if you don't remember the course get a friend to shout out it hope this may work x 

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Jun 12

Posts: 11

ponycrazy3 says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

If you want you can go around the course a few times on foot to help or practise alot but dont tire your pony out  before the show

Hope this helps goodluck hope you come first in the next one!! :)

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Aug 11

Posts: 26

lottiehorse says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

i watch and learn but i always look for the numbers remember how many you jumped and if you just jumped 5 and your horse is heading too 9 then you know its wrong

hope this helps


Horses for life <3 Lottie X

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May 12

Posts: 3

olivia1234 says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

give yourself plenty of time if its a big class dont put yourself near the top, walk the course and after every 3rd jjump you get too do the course in your head untill you get to that jump your on i.e if you walked to number 6 walk the course in your head to jump 6.... so on. Walk the course as many times you can in the space provided for course walk. Come out of the arena memorise the course again. Depending where you are to jump.. either watch a few or go and warm up either way give your pony a warm up then come and watch a few then go round the course in your head again.Dont panic and if you have a sudden blank mind ask politely to get moved down ive had to do this before lol! oh and like someone said below DONT get people to shout the course out to you if you are competing as this is classed as outside ring help and can get  disqualified. good luck xx

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Jul 12

Posts: 14

Rider118 says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

(Cross country and Show jumping)

I must look like an idot doing it, but what I do is:

When I get the course, I go into my truck and place straw on the table as the jumps, and with my fingers jump over the jumps, and when I get more confident with remembering I see If I can walk the course by memory, and just build up from there.

I agree, do go last, to try and allow you more time, but don't forget to watch how they tackle the jumps!


"Don't be afraid, even if you fall, you get back right in the saddle."

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Feb 11

Posts: 55

XsugarstarX says:

RE: How can I remember the course?

This is what I used to struggle with but this is how I remember them:)

I was reading this article about this dyslexic rider and how she remembers courses by colours. I started doing this as most shows their jumpss are different colours or fillers. For example if the jump had a sea filler I'd remember it by that but if it had red and green poles with no fillers remember it by that.

Remembering courses takes time so give yourself plenty of time and watch the other riders. You just need to find a way that suits you:)

'Katie Foster Showjumping

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