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May 12

Posts: 23

lottyshona says:

Re: Loss of confidence and when do you know its time to quit?

I need to gain confidence! My teacher said i need to believe in myself but i find that hard.... I'm not a very good person for advice.. pmsl

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Apr 12

Posts: 12

CathySirett says:

Re: Loss of confidence and when do you know its time to quit?

 brill news that you have found somewhere more supportive -- support is VERY important with confidence esp if limitations are there too - mind you, we all have some form of limitaiton I suppose!


lottyshona - have to laugh at your teacher saying you need to believe in yourself -- you know that already, but if you knew HOW to do that you'd be doing it already!  has she got any ideas to help you actually do it??


Confidence Blog at

Effective Horsemanship: "Confidence for Horse And Human"

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Jan 11

Posts: 127

irb13 says:

Re: Loss of confidence and when do you know its time to quit?

 I look at it in little chunks Lottyshona. I'm doing something that initially scared me. When I first started it would take me a little while just to get my foot in the stirrup and swing my leg over. I don't even think about it now. 

As for limitations, I prefer to look at my M.E. as a series of hurdles. I can't cure the illness but I can have a life. My instructors have all been fab in working with me and altering my lessons to boot to work with where my M.E. happens to be at during my lesson time. Sometimes I'll do heaps, sometimes I won't and sometimes I'll have a series of transitions to help me cope and enable me to get as much as possible out of my lessons. 

Since Feb I've started keeping a diary online now of how I'm getting on and put together some useful information that I wish I'd known about when I first started riding. 

You can read more at -  if you're interested, and if you'd like to leave any comments on my blog it'd be appreciated. x

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