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May 10

Posts: 8

ElerixFairy says:

Wilkie snaffle alternative for dressage?

Hi all,


I have a pony which I want to do some schooling with. At the moment, he goes happily in a wilkie snaffle. Knowing that wilkie snaffles are not dressage legal, I want to get a dressage legal bit for him first, and start from scratch in something more suitable. The reason he was put in the wilkie is because he tends to go around with his nose dragging on the floor if you let him! So the slight leverage helps when the smaller kids are riding him.

I've seen contradicting things about hanging cheek snaffles, some saying that they do give leverage and other saying they dont. So I'm not sure whether trying a hanging cheek snaffle if worth it, as I could start from scratch with just a plain snaffle. Any ideas welcomed! 

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Apr 05

Posts: 2848

rhapsody says:

Re: Wilkie snaffle alternative for dressage?

Hi, the hanging cheek french link snaffle is my favourite bit as it's the one I've had the best results with.  Currently my showjumper is in it and so is my cob who I ride dressage with.  It is dressage legal and I've seen quite a few people using it in dressage.  If you can borrow one to try first then that might be your best bet, otherwise you  might be able to get a cheap 2nd hand one off ebay that won't break the bank if it's not giving you the result you're looking for.  Or maybe try one of the bit banks.

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Jan 11

Posts: 19

Buster21 says:

Re: Wilkie snaffle alternative for dressage?

Hi, I ride my Irish Cob in a hanging cheek snaffle and find that he goes very well in it,  It has just enough leverage for when he does have one of his strong heads on or thinks that he may try and take off, which only lasts for about 10 strides, we usually stop before we really get started.  I found him very heavy in a normal eggbutt snaffle and as we do dressage I decided to try the hanging cheek and have never looked back.  They are not that expensive to buy, I paid £15 fo my Mark Todd one.  Good Luck

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Oct 12

Posts: 6

caitlinlove says:

Re: Wilkie snaffle alternative for dressage?

 I completely encourage you to get the hanging cheek snaffle. Works wonders with my horse

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