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Oct 11

Posts: 1

kellynobbs says:

Feeding a TB while being rested

 Hi ive just taken on a broken down Racehorse aged 6 who Wind sucks terrible. I need some advice on what to feed him to keep his weight on and in good condition but not give him any fizz while he's rested? any advice much appreciated

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Jul 08

Posts: 1072

tatti says:

Re: Feeding a TB while being rested

Dont talk to me about race horses, we have had our one since August and have had two accidents so far! - I am giving mine Allan & Page calm and condition with chaff, oil in the feed to add gloss etc. But, if you want some help, then you should call Rowena at the Reabilitation of Race Horses Assoc, she has been really helpful since we have had Spirit, her number is 01780 740 773.

She told me to do three things, firstly get a worm count done, (ours came back clear)

Get the teeth done immediately

Get the back checked.

She recommends all Dengie products, Alpha Beat, Denie A Alfa Molasses Free -

twice a day

But, seriously call her, if you get a answer machine, then leave your name and number and she will come back to you right away, she will guide you right the way through from feed, to stable management, to what bit to put in the mouth, to everything, they have all ex racers that come to them and are all re abilitated and then loaned back out for general use.

Hope this helps



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Jan 12

Posts: 48

Paints says:

Re: Feeding a TB while being rested

Hey,while I have 3 thoroughbred at the farm we go. They get about 4 cans of a grain a day and that should keep him in good  condition, any less then that the horse might start to get too skinny. I also say make sure you check his teeth and get his hooves done and have the vet check him out.

Hope this helps!


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Shiloh girl for life.

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Jan 12

Posts: 17

scotslad101 says:

Re: Feeding a TB while being rested

i have an ex-racer. first thing i would say is make sure you try a few differnt feeds if you can before settling on a feed, also not all ex-racer get fizzy on feeds. i had mine on barley and it didnt affect her at all. we have had her for nearly 2 years and only about 3-4 months ago we have just managed to settle on her feed. i would agree about getting her teeth checked firstly. also i would advise you definetly have his feet checked as we discovered that she had three abscess in her foot and this was not helping with her keep weight.

the feed that we have finally settled on for keeping wait on her. she gets 3-4cups of bailys high fibre everyday cubs, a scoop of chaff and a scoop of beet. we also have added in a couple of things but this is due to specific requirements.

a couple of pics of mine one from a year ago and then summer just past

hope this helps


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Jun 09

Posts: 818

Re: Feeding a TB while being rested

Mine is on Simple System feeds and doing beautifully

There is no greater gift than to share time with a creature of such beauty - The Horse.

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Oct 07

Posts: 382

msg_minx says:

Re: Feeding a TB while being rested

Have been there too with our exracer and several injuries so nearly 5 months in!  We fed him unmolassed chaff and balancer with haylage and walking out then he was allowed in the wee pen.



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Sep 08

Posts: 1350

highlander says:

Re: Feeding a TB while being rested

do you know, I've not had any accidents with our girl bar one (electric tape was left in the field). she has been with us for a good 2 yrs now!

It has been calculated thay any two thoroughbreds picked at random will on average have more than 13% of their genes in common.

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