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You are in... Forums > Horse Care > Feeding > mum weanin 8 wk old foal already ???????

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Sep 11

Posts: 1

mel1973 says:

mum weanin 8 wk old foal already ???????

Hi i am new to the page and would like a bit of advice if possible pls, I have a 8 wk old foal and the mum is trying to wean him already, i noticed for the last wk oberon isnt feedin very much,and when he does try him mum kicks him, she weaned her last foal at 10 wks and i have noticed him loosin weight fast is there anythin i can give him he eats hard feed, has done since he was a couple of days old he use to help himself to his mums, the owner of the mare said as soon as he is weaned she will have the mare back and i dont want him to loose to much weight goin into winter, i have asked if i can feed the mare haylege and up her feed but the owner said she needs her to loose weight i really dont no what to do pls help i dont want to loose him xxx

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Jun 08

Posts: 3625

Re: mum weanin 8 wk old foal already ???????

i would phone your vets for advice. I  dont really know much about weaning. My 4 month old "surprise" foal is grazing, having a daily feed and still drinking off mum, but she has cut him down alot now. I think there is something called milk pellets. I give JJ a feed of a small handful of Alpha A chaff and Spillers Stid and youngstock mix. I also put in a glug of vegetable oil. Good luck and keep us posted how things go.

Horses - if God made anything more beautiful, he kept it for himself. ~Author Unknown

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Oct 11

Posts: 10

Re: mum weanin 8 wk old foal already ???????

Some mares get fed up with babies after a few months, she obviously is one of them going on her previous foal.

Most feed companys do mares milk replacers that can be fed up to 3 months

We orphaned a foal that had been 'weaned' from mum at a market at 3 months and fed him a replacer for a while, he was soon into feed and hay. The owner of the mare doesn't sound very helpful!

Don't worry too much if he looks a bit ribby, most foals do, better a bit ribby than overweight for babies, going on the pictures he looks in good condition. I'd try him on the replacer for a month and go from there.

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