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Aug 11

Posts: 3

lily76 says:

weight gain..

i have a 14.2 welsh sec d mare who is very prone to laminitis and has been diagnosed with cushings. i would like to get some weight on her for the winter - she currently has happy hoof, hi-fibre cubes, speedi-beet and soaked hay, is there anything else i could give her? any advice greatly appreciated - thank you :)

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Jul 11

Posts: 612

wagonsroll says:

Re: weight gain..

Wow I've never come across this problem before, firstly can you tell us why is she underweight?

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Apr 11

Posts: 115

Bananas says:

Re: weight gain..

a good walm rug and dont clip, if she can haylige is good and healthy hoof its all moast the same as happy hoof but its more fatening, my horses get it, im not shore if laminitis prone horses can eat this but gras nuts are very good at getting weight on


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Sep 11

Posts: 2

cally46 says:

Re: weight gain..

Hi. My 15hh 32 year old horse was diagnosed with cushings some 10 years ago and I've been using homeopathic remedies.

Just last year I was struggling to keep his weight on as I've had to stop feeding him hay because his teeth are too smooth.

I feed my horse 1 scoop of veteran chaff, one scoop of Spillers Senior Conditioning Mix, one scoop of flaked barley, a scoop of Alpha-beet and he gets this twice a day. I also feed him Leigh Senior (chaff) and dried grass with treats of apple, pear, carrots and ginger nuts.

I moved him to a new year at the end of July and unfortunately I've had to leave him in his stable 23 hours of the day as the other older horses chased him. But so far he seems to be doing really well.

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Dec 09

Posts: 134

wundahoss says:

Re: weight gain..

How much underweight is she? Pics?


Metabolic issues and Cushings can cause intestinal damage &  weightloss.... or the excesses that caused them. The horse may have ulcers or other damage to the lining of the intestines, so ulcer treatment & other digestive supps may be what is needed. I'd consult a nutritionist &/or knowlegeable equine vet. is a program/service I personally subscribe to & find great, and it's currently free in the UK to boot. You could ask Nerida, their main equine nutritionist for her advice.

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Oct 11

Posts: 10


I'd try something with oil as they tend to be low in sugar.

Dengie's low sugar feeds recommended for laminitics include Alfa A Oil & Alfa A Molasses-free.

This link should be helpful

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