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Mar 11

Posts: 1

LauraKate95 says:

horse seems really depressed, dont know what to do??

 i recently moved my two horses to a new yard, where they share a field together, and the older of the two is starting to seem very low. He normally is very friendly and comes to investigate anything anyone is doing, and generally seems content, but recently he has lost all interest, and just stands in the corner of the field on his own, or at the back of his stable facing the wall.

I dont know if horses actually do get depressed, but i really want to cheer him up a bit. I go out into the field with both of the horses and play with them, and i have tried join up and other similar excerises with him. I also try to vary his routine, trying different things every time we ride so he doesnt get bored.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything i can do, there's all these toys that promise to cheer them up, many of which i can't afford. 

would be greatful of any advice

thanks :)


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Aug 11

Posts: 37

Tabbyx says:

Re: horse seems really depressed, dont know what to do??

Maybe he is pinning (pinning is when a horse is missing another horse, or someone.) He might feel depressed because he misses another horse from his previous yard he stayed at. Or maybe he is ill. The best thing to do is get the vet around she will examine his body lauguage and be able to tell you whats the matter.

Have fun wherever you are!

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Aug 10

Posts: 5196

kevinhiatt says:

Re: horse seems really depressed, dont know what to do??

Please get the vet asap and also do checks for cushings which does cause depression but other things can as well.

Gypsy Gold does not chink & glitter.It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark.Tonka & Lara my beautiful horses RIP, Nelson,Chloe & Kitty the cats.

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Dec 09

Posts: 221

Cobsandshire says:

Re: horse seems really depressed, dont know what to do??

It is possible for horses to get depressed, I've had two that came to me that way!  As the others said, you should check with the vet first.  If he/she doesn't find anything, can I suggest you find a zoopharmacognocist near you (look on the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy website).  They will help your horse choose the right herbal remedies to cheer himself up.  Also, they will only cost you one visit and the remedies used, you will be able to do the rest yourself.

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Oct 11

Posts: 18

shimile says:

Re: horse seems really depressed, dont know what to do??

You didnt say how old your horse was, but when you say older, i assume you mean a veteran? Anyway, we had an old horse that became very quiet and depressed looking, and showed the same symptoms as yours. Our vet recommended that we gave her some vitamin B tablets in her feed and i have to say the transformation was amazing. It was like she had 10 years knocked off. I cant remember the dosage, so maybe have a chat to your vet, and i dont even know why it works, but our vet swears by it. I have to say, i didnt think something so cheap and simple could have such a dramatic effect. Hope this helps and good luck!

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