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Aug 11

Posts: 27

chanelnolan says:


 this is millies story..
I had a bad fall from helping my friend break in her horse, and knowing i would not be well enough to give millie all she needed i put her up for loan. That way she could still be ridden as she loved riding. So these people came to look at her and said yes, after doing the passport and everything i ok'ed for the loan to go on. I checked on her for the first two weeks, I also told them I would pay for shoes and feed to ensure she had them as my baby could not walk well without them. So after two weeks I went to see her and no one was there and i saw a chart for the girl and a boy who was riding and when I thought the bit steak gergen people was telling me they saw her cantering millie and splash on the rides without shoes. So i went to see her again and no one was there. Then the blacksmith called me and told me she had rode Millie to his yard 5 to 6 miles away, to take her shoes off and then she rode her back without any shoes on. I was desperate at this point, I needed to get my girl home by this time I was told she tried to jump a bench and Millies feet was sore. she did not make the jump and court her hind legs on the bench cutting herfrom the hocks to hoof, very deep and untreated i got kicked off the land, as it was her grandads, he did not see what she was doing, I got to her with my dad and one of my four sons and she was locked in a stable, I was going to break in but the girl turned up and I got into Millie. she had no hay and was deep in muck, I tired to walk her out but she could not walk, so finally got her out after a bit of water ti look at her as you can see the second my son took the rug what i was. She was so painfully thin her legs were red hot swollen. I looked at her feet to see the mess, As you can all see clearly in the pictures. when the vet got there he was shocked to see her in this state as he has seen her seven weeks before. he tried to pick up her hind foot and she feel as she could not stand no longer. he said keep her down while he examined her but she didnt even try to get up. he told me after sometime we had to put her to sleep I said no, please do anything, money didnt matter but nothing anyone could do when she had gone. You can see i could not leave her, she didnt know anyone. now she was gone but she was still warm and i was dragged away so they could get her up the field. I did not know they was going to put her headcolloer on tie her to back on the four by four and drag my baby girl behind it to the top as if she didnt go though enough, they had to go do thst even when she was gone, they just wanted us off the land.(As im writing this tears come down my face like crazy) I just feel like its happening all again. all i want to do is help others. to see im trying to help, dont judge me for trying to help i would not be able to live with myself knowing she will do this again and I showing and telling you all what this monster did.
rest in peace my angel!♥♥

Everyone please like this page, and pay your respects to Millie. - It would be great help also if you went to this page and signed a petition to get justice for Jemma on behalf of Millie >

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Aug 11

Posts: 37

Tabbyx says:


OMG I have seen the pictures you've made me cry! My horse had to be put to sleep he was called snowy he had arthritis we spents hundreds on painkillers but he would'nt of suvived another winter. Millie was beautiful how could anyone do that. That girl should be banned from having horses in fact she should be banned from having animals. It says on the page of the second link that she now has another horse on loan! Horrible. Anyway Im so sorry im crying now! RIP Millie.

Have fun wherever you are!

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