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Feb 11

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ErynSergeant says:

Advice Needed For 2012 !!!!!! > > >(holidays)

helllo ....

i havent posted for ages coz i i broke my arm! ( btw next year ill be 13 LOL i typed that thinking id be 12 ahah )!!


next year i ( 12 years old been riding for 7 years )was hoping to bring my 14.2 irish cob on holiday!! but my we dont have a horse box and cant afford to rent one out for 1 week! my auntie owns a h-box but the fuel is to much to make 4 hour drives in and it wouldnt be fair on me pony-pops !!!

The reason is mostly based on so i can ride on th e beach !! which i have never done before .. but golloping across sounds amazing!!

so ! i thought i could or might be able to loan or borrow a horse for a a week ... ill info you on me : (but it would have to stay at the yard!)

but first i dont know wether that posibly or if it is where around the area im not quite sure if ill be able to becuase im only 12! i will be with my parents the whole time and i deffintly would be sensible!

offcourse i wouldnt mind if i had a supervizer from the ''company'' :')

any one have any idea or know any places where this could be posible ..... OR IF IT EVEN IS !

im 12 years old

ive been riding for 7 years

i got my first pony when i was 5 then .. pts :( i got a pony in feb 2011 after months of riding lessons

i have had riding school lesson on my pony and on different ponies .. some cheeky or naughty!

i can walk , trot, canter gallop.- confidently

i can jump up to 2ft 9 confidently!

Any questions just ask!!

here are some pictures when i was 5 !!! at my first competition!! (:

Attached images:

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  2. 29032009343  
  3. 29032009344  

Bono , your the only thing that keeps me from the ground .. mostly , IlavvYhooo x

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