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Mar 11

Posts: 11

LMoulton says:

correct turnout for my welsh cob

Hey all,

i was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips on the correct turnout for dressage with my welsh cob? he is black with a white stripe and three white socks on his legs.  As he is native, would it be best if i stuck to what i would wear for showing such as tweed and canary jodhpurs or should i go for black jacket with white stock and white square saddle cloth and white gloves?  we are currently doing low level unaffiliated but would like to get affiliated in the future.

thankyou :)

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Mar 11

Posts: 223

Re: correct turnout for my welsh cob

I have absolutely no clue as to what the rules are in Britain, but I would go for the classic look.

Good luck with your welsh cob, I've got a welsh myself

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Aug 11

Posts: 31

ShortCircuit says:

Re: correct turnout for my welsh cob

For dressage I'd stick to a navy show jacket, white/cream shirt, white/cream stock, cream/beige jodhs, long black boots, a white saddle cloth and dark gloves. White gloves show up unsteady hands!

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Feb 11

Posts: 67

ErynSergeant says:

Re: correct turnout for my welsh cob

 i think in dressage ''dark gloves '' and not allowed now.... :( i have terrible unstteadt hands ... ahhhhhh and i cant keep white things CLEAN! :')

Bono , your the only thing that keeps me from the ground .. mostly , IlavvYhooo x

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