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Feb 11

Posts: 55

XsugarstarX says:

My horse is funny with his legs.

My 5 year old cob is funny with his legs, I loan him and as soon as he was 3 he was broke profestionally and has been in a riding school, he is used on saturday and sunday. At the riding school they brush him over quickly them tack him up, does that mean they could have been mistreating him or scaring him when there near his legs? Also he's alright with his front ones as it's only his back legs. He has loads of feathers and I need to clean his back ones but he just picks it up as if it scares him, I show I'm there as I stroke down his body to show I'm there.

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Jul 11

Posts: 6

Jasperxxx says:

Re: My horse is funny with his legs.

My pony came from a riding school and he was mistreated there, and at first he was funny with his back legs aswell. But your horse sounds like he's used to picking them up when you stroke his leg, alot of horses do that, so he may just be well trained. If this is not the case then just stroke down his leg, then when he picks it up, hold it there then place it back on the ground and do it a couple of times. Hope that helps ;)

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Jul 11

Posts: 612

wagonsroll says:

Re: My horse is funny with his legs.

horses with loadsa feather are often used to people using those blue spiky curry combs which pull, their leg hair is very sensitive and he's just politely evading. I'd start with the flat of your hand stroking the feathers and give him a reassuring pat after each leg and session and then work up to stroking the feather with your hand covered in mane and tail detangler, a lot of heavies dont like sprays, and when you feel you've got enough on just use a normal soft body brush start to brush and eventually detangle but it'll have to be part of your "spending quality time with my horse" time cos it can take ages. i've got my kick your head off your shoulders if you touch my feather mare to the point where i can sit cross legged on the floor with her foot in my lap as i dig out stones which can sometimes get caught in the heel area of her frog! I know this isnt recommended but i cant stand for too long or i pass out, which is more dangerous do you think? lol

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: My horse is funny with his legs.

Yeah, my cob mare used to pick her hind feet up pretty smartish as well, but  she's got used to me over the years, and she knows if it's picking out then I'll always do the near side front first, and then work round.

So if I make move direct on to a hind, then she knows it's almost certainly brushing, and not time to pick up a foot, lol.

And wagonsroll, picking out feet is a bit of a bummer for me as well, as you bend over, pick out, stand up straight and on to the next, and it all starts again....and with low blood pressure I can get a bit dizzy and light headed so have to do it all very slowly, lol !!

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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