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Jul 11

Posts: 2

MargeMc says:

Help! My Horse's hooves are falling apart!

Recently I've noticed Rosie's feet becoming extremely brittle and breaking off.  She is shod regularly but her shoes aren't staying on as the hoof around the nails is cracking and falling off in lumps therefore causing the shoe to come off.  We have now got to the stage where we have very little hoof to nail a shoe to, making it almost impossible to have her shod without gluing the shoes on.  The soles are very dry, they are not smelly and there are no signs of thrush.  She is kept outside 24hrs a day due to the good weather and was in regular work until her feet became so bad.  I have been using Naf Pro Feet Hoof Rub since May and Stockholm tar but I don't seem to be getting any results.  Her diet is exactly the same and has never caused her to have any problems prior to this with her general condition etc.  PLEASE help!

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: Help! My Horse's hooves are falling apart!

I think all this dry hot weather is causing havoc in a lot of horses feet !!

My 2 are barefoot, live out 24/7 and although all 8 feet have little cracks just starting - the farrier is due tomorrow, thank goodness - it's the white horn which has suffered most.

I've tried a lot of different things, but the one I've found the most effective is Kevin Bacons liquid hoof dressing - it's about £13 for a pot which has a brush in the lid, and you paint it on all over and under the foot starting off about 2 or 3 times week, then a bit less as the feet get used to it.

I always thought Stockholm Tar was more for thrush & infections than hydrating?

Also perhaps think of giving her a biotin supplement in her feed - good for feet and skin.

What we need is rain lol !!


The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Jul 11

Posts: 612

wagonsroll says:

Re: Help! My Horse's hooves are falling apart!

hi just sympathy really you must be so worried, i know the barefeet lot use hacking boots for when the horses are lame, i've not got any experience of these but just an idea really. Hope it all works out!

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Aug 11

Posts: 37

Tabbyx says:

Re: Help! My Horse's hooves are falling apart!

Hi my pony had foot rot when we got her but that was from bad weather. I wonder if you can get it in good weather? Any way for her I used battles foot rot spary for sheep. Alot of people use it for horses and the vet recommended it. Its blue and you just spary it in the inside of the hoof and frog and it works a treat. Maybe getting the vet roung might help. They will be able to tell you straight away whats wrong.

p.s Your so lucky you've had good weather in north devon its been rain every day its only today the suns come out.

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Have fun wherever you are!

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