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Jul 08

Posts: 1522

Philly29 says:

Reading University and stables...

Anyone here from reading area? hopefully going to uni there this autumn and having to sell my philly :( :( so i want to find a stables that is good i can ride at and help out so i dont go completley insane without horses... anyone know of any?

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Jun 08

Posts: 4347

Re: Reading University and stables...

Hi there. I used to live in Reading. There is Palmers Riding school in Emmer green, about 20 mins drive from the uni. They are a fun, basic sort of school. There is also  Wellington Riding school, i think you have to book 10 in advance and they are the kick and whip type of schoo, they are about 20 mins in the other direction. I will ask my ddaughter in law who still lives in Reading to see which ones she knows.

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Mar 10

Posts: 3461

greyandbay says:

Re: Reading University and stables...

Have you found out if the uni has a riding club?

If they have then they usually do job lot bookings and your hacks / lessons will come a bit cheaper - my daughter joined her uni (Kent) riding club, I think she said lessons were about £20, not sure about the hacking though.

Good luck with finding out.

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