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Jul 11

Posts: 2

courts says:

What can help his spooking?


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Jul 12

Posts: 7

RE: What can help his spooking?

you cant stop a horse from spooking but you can try these steps:

1. identify what he is scared of

2. lead him past it on the ground

3. when he is comfortable get a little closer and let him sniff it

4. ride him past the object, constanly reassuring him

5. if he looks like he is going to spook (he feels tense or his ears are really pricked!) bend his head away from the object but the keep your leg on. eg: if the spooky objet is on the outside, bend his head inwards and keep your inside leg on

hope this helps :)


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Jul 10

Posts: 9

robertlove says:

RE: What can help his spooking?

do some desensitising. i have a 3 yr old that wasnt handle at all before i got him . he has been a bit spooky so i am dealing with the issues fall steam ahead and getting him through this.


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Jun 08

Posts: 543

Lothmorwel says:

RE: What can help his spooking?

Desensitising work in a controlled situation. Show your hrose that weird things aren't to be frightened of. You can't 'stop' spooking, you can only help a horse get used to things slowly and calmly.

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