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Nov 10

Posts: 260

Charem says:

Ultimate Dressage School Master ***FOR SALE***

 Troy is the ultimate dressage school master and is ready to take someone up the grades. He works adv medium at home and is established in lateral work and flying changes but due to time restraints he hasn't competed affiliated and so he can compete at the lower levels without any restrictions.

He has a lovely soft mouth and is very easy to ride. He is patient when teaching the more advanced movements and will happily go at it all day until you get the right buttons! He has a smooth, flowing walk a effortless floaty trot and a powerful uphill canter.

Troy hacks out alone and in company. He is excellent on the roads and has regularly passes lorries, coaches and caravans without fuss. He is snaffle mouthed in and out of the arena and never gets silly or strong.

Troy is a joy to have on the yard. He is good to clip, worm, load, catch and is perfect for the vet and farrier.

Troy is a one in a million horse and this is a heart breaking sale but his owner believe's it is time for him to teach someone else the ropes of dressage. 5* home a must for this special boy!

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