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Jul 11

Posts: 11

musicmix says:

Skinny Thoroughbred eventer


I have a 16hh thotoughbred gelding that is starting to event this season (only BE90) but although he is really starting to settle into his job I am struggling to keep the weight and condition as he can get very fizzy! I've attached an image of my youngers sister riding him and this shows how skinny he is!

At the moment i feed him on 1 1/2 scoop alfa-a oil to keep the condition and then 1 scoop topspec cool condition cubes. He also has a scoop of magic calmer as i have tried so many but this has shown really great results for him (ThankGod!) and a scoop of biotin as a thoroughbred he did have poor feet but this seems to have really helped.

I could really do with some advice on what cubes or mix to feed that will ensure weight gain! Also I don't know if im feeding him enough? I have had baileys outshine suggested to me does anybody have any experience with this product?


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  1. Music condition  

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Feb 09

Posts: 675

lrobson says:

Re: Skinny Thoroughbred eventer

try ringing a feed specialist they will be able to help we always used to fee our tb build up but some people say it can make them fizzy although never did with ours. had a look at the photo and to me he just looks like a fit and healthy tb.

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Jun 06

Posts: 657

sammyseshi says:

Re: Skinny Thoroughbred eventer

Looks like a healthy tb weight to me, tbs are not designed to carry alot of weight. My instructor has a couple of tbs which she events and they are lean and hard and not an inch of fat on them, very fit and healthy. He looks good! And your feeding very similar to what i feed my tb love topspec cubes!!

My babies have hooves :)

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Apr 11

Posts: 328

Magicmoment says:

Re: Skinny Thoroughbred eventer

Leave the mix and add some beat, go with a none sugary one ie with the Lami sigh on it.

I have actually found fizzy horses to be those that are underweight, on the lean side, so the fizzyness could just be hes not getting enough.

Everyone I have spoken too swears by Calm and Condition.

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Aug 08

Posts: 2327

Vik1 says:

Re: Skinny Thoroughbred eventer

 Have same issues with weight control with my tb.  She is practically retired now and really fussy.  

I would add in a scoop of sugarbeet or fibrebeet to his feed.  I feed Just Grass, conditioning mix, sugarbeet and a cup of veg oil.

Tried the alfa oil and she hated it.  Found the best thing is the veg oil.  You could aways up the alfa oil if your boy eats it fine or just add in a glug of veg oil as etc.

Have you tried endurance mix?  After studying all feeds, it seems to have the highest DE value at 14Kj and 10% oil.  Ive heard very good things about it and would like to try it this winter cept Ill have to get it ordered in.

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Nov 10

Posts: 260

Charem says:

Re: Skinny Thoroughbred eventer

He's beautiful!


I find the best way to bulk up tb's is to give them ad-lib haylage. To be fair he doesn't look too bad. Good luck eventing. I may see you out on my grey tb! :P

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Aug 11

Posts: 37

Tabbyx says:

Re: Skinny Thoroughbred eventer

Yes he dos'nt look to bad at all. I am having a proplem with my tb ex-racer. She dose not need alot of feed since she is out in the field every night so I just feed her 2 or 3 scoops of basic ponynuts. But she gets fizzy so easily and is hard to handle when she is. I have been looking at calming feeds on the internet and have found Equine Sensitive a feed by Doddson and Horrel I havnt tried it yet but it looks good its like it has whinneys name written all over it!

Have fun wherever you are!

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Dec 09

Posts: 134

wundahoss says:

Re: Skinny Thoroughbred eventer

If that pic is supposed to show your perception of 'skinny', I think it's best that you go study for starters.

Ex-racehorses &/or horses otherwise been intensively kept/fed can have digestive/weight/hoof probs due to their diet & management. Horses don't tend to cope well with high-carb, high protein feeds, especially fed in big &/or infrequent meals and many of these horses have ulcers & metabolic issues(which also effect hoof health). Treating for ulcers &/or including a digestive aid and keeping to free choice hay/roughage and low NSC feeds is generally the best, as is well balanced nutrition, which generally means a good quality complete supp or such.

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