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Dec 10

Posts: 117

yearling.. :)


I have a morgan yearling and have had her for about 9 months

She was with her mum till she was 7months and then popped in a trailer with her half brother and sent up to moi

She is THE sweetest thing Very brave and isn't fazed by much can wrap her up in crackly bags, walks over ANYTHING, balloons, flags problem. 

However, when cuddling her (yes she gets cuddles but she's not spoilt )she tends to lick my hand and close her eyes! When she's eating she also closes her eyes.
When my mum was cleaning a scrape on her leg the other day my other horse was biting her bum and annoying her she just stood there, closed her eyes and tensed her bum untill we shoved him away and then after she threw a little kick out at him.

could anyone shed some light on why she might close her eyes so much?

Thank youu



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  2. Bunny munching  
  3. me and bunny2  

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Apr 11

Posts: 328

Magicmoment says:

Re: yearling.. :)

I guess shes just enjoying herself, my boy loves his inner leg tickled he also goes to sleep!

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