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Sep 07

Posts: 908

horseface888 says:

farmkey freeze brand 'microchip mark'

Just wandering whether anyone has had their horse freezebranded with farmkeys micromark?

Am considering geting it for my 2 at some point but im not sure how reconised it is? I just like the idea of a visible deterunt to theves etc.


heres the link to the micromarkk with a little explaination and a picture.

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Jul 10

Posts: 615

leannemccabe says:

Re: farmkey freeze brand 'microchip mark'

sorry i haven't heard of this before but i'd think once more and more people have it it could work as well as a freeze mark as more people would be open to it since its not a huge 4/5 digit code printed across the side of their horse, its slightly more discreet so i'd deffinatly be open to it . would like to hear others opinions on this :)

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Nov 08

Posts: 80

willow_1 says:

Re: farmkey freeze brand 'microchip mark'

It might be smaller (only 1 mark) but last time I looked, it would cost the same as a normal freezemark with 4 components.  Not exactly a good incentive (my opinion) to have it as well as a chip.  If they were to charge on a pro rata basis there might be more interested in getting it done.

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