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Aug 10

Posts: 5196

kevinhiatt says:

A sleep walking horse

Due to me having at least two panic attacks during the night I gave up trying to sleep so was up about 2am this morning, and about 4.45am decided that all my crew of animals needed feeding, the 2 cats were being my best friend wanting feeding, then decided to feed and muck out Lara when I got down to her she was standing up with eyes open, took a carrot off me with reluctance did not want her feed wandered out tried to lie down several times, then just stood then wandered back to stable and collapsed in a heap in normal Lara style lies there with eyes open, all this time no response to me at all. Did all the jobs then went back down to see her again just after 6am she was responsive wanting a fuss. This made me think the first time she was actually asleep with eyes open. Sometimes when awake ( I think) she sees me and rolls over to have her tummy rubbed just like my cats. I do wonder if horses do sleep walk as I do know that they dream as when you know they are asleep the winnies the ear twitches and the leg twitches.

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Jan 11

Posts: 12

Re: A sleep walking horse

Ahh bless! It must be nice to be able to go and see your horse in the middle of th night if you can't sleep. I would love to see my horse sleep but as he is on a livery yard its not possible. Maybe one day when I have my own place, heres to dreams :)

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Aug 08

Posts: 2327

Vik1 says:

Re: A sleep walking horse

 I can answer your question...yes they can sleep walk.  Velvet suffers from narcolepsy and has done for 11 years now.  Sometimes her legs buckle underneath her and she goes right down with a thud (number of times me, yo and farrier have jumped out the way) and other times she almost go down but it gives her a shock and she rights herself, again with a jump.

 I have on numerous occasions seen her sleep walking in the field.  She is in a deep sleepy state and staggers like shes really drunk.  

Normally shel suddenly 'droop' when I tack up and when I start walking her shel wake back up after a few steps but last summer was the first time I walked her to the school (normally awake by this point) and she was still droopy.  Thought I'll get on and start walking her and shel wake up..nope.  Gave a her a wee kick into trot and we started staggering sideways...decided I was safer on the ground, so baled out pronto! 

She has been quite bad with it this year but I think her pelvis area is hurting her so shes prob reluctant to lie down, so its adding to it.  I have noticed she cant get up as easy as she used to.

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