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Dec 10

Posts: 44

Mkirby says:

Showing newbie :)

ok so, i am hopefully (depending on transport) going to a show with my 15hh TB x mare Lilly in june. We have never been to a show before either of us as lilly was never shown with previous owners, so was wondering how could i calm her as she gets quite nervous/fizzy in new places?

I have beige jods, black show jacket, black hat, black jod boots and black chaps.

I was hoping to do more inhand showing with her because she gets quite nervous in new places and goes to rodeo in canter in a place she doesn't know too well, if i do any ridden classes any tips?

any tips for showing classes?

I was just wondering, what type classes should i enter her in?

also any tips for plaiting her mane? it is quite thick and when me and my friend attemted to plait her up, they all fell out and looked... well not like golf balls. also she has rubbed it short about three quarters of the way down, any tips?

as you can tell we are total newcomers to showing so any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

sorry it's a bit long :) thanks x

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Sep 08

Posts: 1350

highlander says:

Re: Showing newbie :)

she's a very nice put together mare. I'd maybe look at a really small show first, or get a small show on the yard to let her see everything. She'd make a gorgeous little small hack, or small riding horse. You'd maybe need to make sure the plaits are tight enough to themselves, and a touch of hairspray, and just thinning the mare would probably help too.

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