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Ian Banyard  says:

Work on your confidence

Whether you’re keen to work with others or you’d like to try some simple techniques on your own, here Ian gives us three easy exercises to help you work on your confidence, whether your fear stems from a memory of an accident or something you just can’t pinpoint.   1. Get some inspiration Ian likes to encourage group meetings where half of...

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Jan 05

Posts: 4

LHarris says:

RE: Work on your confidence

Singing works well but i do it out loud as I will it also calms the horse even though I am out of tune!  Also read counting can help as it is difficult to count and think of something frightening so removing the worrying thoughts from your mind

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Mar 11

Posts: 1

BuddhaAnnie says:

RE: Work on your confidence

I love jumping but am terrified to trot.  Yes, just trot around on the flat.  Feel like I'm going to fly away or something.  The singing thing helps a lot, and isn't "gait-based" (try counting 1-2-3 at the trot...I know my brain gets confused!).  It helps you to get out of the thought cycle you get caught in with fear and anxiety.  Another thing that helps is to ride more!  I find when I can ride 3x a week or more there is less fear, although I know this isn't always feasable.  I'm still looking for more things that help a little, because hopefully I'll have enough in my arsenal that I'll never have to hop out of the saddle early based solely on fear again!    

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