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Dec 09

Posts: 22

Gweny1 says:

Horse loan wanted, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire

Hi all, i would love the opportunity to share/loan a horse with someone.  I am fairly flexable but it would have to be beared in mind that i am doing exams over time and am at school, so cannot commit to a full time loan. I live in Slough, Berks and am aware there are a couple of yards about 10 minutes drive from where i live.  I can cycle easily to one of the nearest.   Would be ready to help anyone from up to about 15 mins drive away.  However, the summer holidays are comming up for me, so could go further/do more days. 


I am 14 (15 in August), but please don't be put off, i am very sensible.  I am looking for any sort of horse, as long as they are fairly sane and not far too big for me!  I would be happy riding ponies, as long as they could carry me, but i have a max of about 16 hands.  Currently i am just over 5 foot (!) and weigh almost 7 stone, also i would consider myself a "light" rider.

I am a fairly capable rider, jumping reguarly too. Currently i work at a large riding school as a helper every Saturday, covering lots of stable jobs.  Therefore i would be more than happy to do stable dutties, especially if we could come to an arrangment of jobs done inexchange for rides.  I would be more than happy to come on some days and not ride etc.  However, i could make a small financial contributation dependant on arrangments.  I would love to spoil your horse!

I know this is a longshot but please get in touch if you think there is anything that might be available.




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Apr 12

Posts: 1

Bumpkin says:

Re: Horse loan wanted, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire

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