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May 11

Posts: 7

whitbey21 says:

Should I keep him?

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Apr 09

Posts: 127

gwinny says:

RE: Should I keep him?

as long as your horse is happy thats the main thing.  im sure he doesnt mind only being ridden once a week as long as your managing to find time to spend with him.  You could look for a helper to excercise him if you are concerned. x

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Jan 11

Posts: 178

wackywelsh says:

RE: Should I keep him?

I agree with gwinny.


A sharer is a good idea as it means your horse is getting good regular excerise and also a bit of money!!!!! If you can find some who you can trust and don't mind riding your horse once or twice a week, then it puts the pressure off you having to ride him all the time. It does also mean if you have some spare time with your horse you can ride him knowing that he won't be as fresh.


Hope you work something out!


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Jun 08

Posts: 543

Lothmorwel says:

RE: Should I keep him?

I would soncider a sharer or part-loan. Are there any keen teenegaers you know who would love the chance to love and care for a horse without the financial burden on their parents? Horses don't have to be ridden in order to have a good life, as long as they have friends and an interesting daily life, they're generally fine. If he is happy and you are happy then I wouldn't worry - as long as he is fit enough to do what you want him to do and isn't getting bored then it sounds like a fine plan.

You never know, your lifestyle may calm down and allow you more time in the future. Sounds like he is a form of therapy for you, a great way to destress after your busy week.

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