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May 09

Posts: 319

Fleas :O

I dont know what to do, there is only one place for grazing in my area that i can take oli to, its perfect becasuwe it leads straight down to the river so theres places for nice rides, Oli has been in there for 2weeks now and loving it, the problem is that there is a dealer who has taken 5 horses up there, they are in disgusting condition and they ALL have fleas  The owner was told to de-flea them before they came up but she obviously didnt as u can see them in the horses coat  

Oli has started scratching loads and there are even bald patches from him scratching, is there anything i can put on him to prevent or protect him from them?

Any advice apreciated

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Dec 10

Posts: 44

Mkirby says:

Re: Fleas :O

There is one thing i would recommend if it is lice, it is called Deosect. It may be expencive for 250ml (£30) but you only need a 10ml diluted with 500ml of water to cover the whole horse. It repells lice and i havn't seen any fly's or lice on my mare for ages now. you have to redo it every 2 weeks but it has worked wonders. now my mare doesn't have any bald paches from where she had lice given to her from another horse and was scratching!

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Aug 10

Posts: 5196

kevinhiatt says:

Re: Fleas :O

Horses do not have fleas they have lice which are nasty and infection can get through the bites. Watch out if your horse has feathers, shampoo anti- insectdicide and lice powder, had a constant battle with my Gypsy Cob with this problem, as you kill the lice but the eggs hatch and problem all over again, did use frontline on him.

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Mar 09

Posts: 3438

Micki says:

Re: Fleas :O

If it is lice then the vet can give your horse an injection to get rid of them but the other horses are going to need to be treated aswell or they will just re-infect your horse. The only way of keeping on top of them if the other horses aren't treat is the shampoo that has been mentioned and keep redoing every 2 weeks to kill anything that has hatched.

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