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Jan 11

Posts: 19

Buster21 says:


Hi,  I own a Irish Cob who is quite chunky/wide and would like to invest in a dressage saddle.  I would like to get a seconhand one but my saddler has said that due to the width of him I would struggle to get one and would have to have one made.  I don't mind doing that if finances allow which at the moment are quite tight.  Has anyone else had a problem getting their wide cob a dressage saddle or can anyone recommend a good make to get.


Thanks, Caroline

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May 08

Posts: 960

TruStar says:

Re: Saddle

As far as I know you can buy saddles in various sizes. Some have changeable gullets which is useful. Prestige saddles are good, a bit pricey though. The Kent&Masters also looks nice .I have a Kent&Masters GP saddle. It is very comfi for Starlett and me, and they are affordable too.

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: Saddle

I too have an Irish cob, now retired, but she had a wide Thorowgood, which was the only one we could get to fit her at the time.

As TruStar says, tho, these days you can get the changeable gullets, or have you considered a treeless?

Due to recently getting a loan horse with very odd conformation, we realised that the best way was treeless, and did a fair amount of research, and there are several companies who now make what looks like a traditional saddle, including dressage cut, but are in fact treeless.

Here's one website, but have a look on ebay as well.....good luck xx

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man - Winston Churchill

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Sep 08

Posts: 1375

Divasmum says:

Re: Saddle

I think your saddler is not giving you the right information there! Have a look on the British Dressage website at the classifieds just incase someone has a suitable one for sale.    

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Sep 08

Posts: 363

Re: Saddle

Hi I have just ordered a made to measure Jessica Idea!  They fit chunky boys well and are really comfortable to ride in.  I tried to hold out for a second hand one but had no look so bit the bullet and went for a new one.  I saw plenty of wide fitting ones in black but I wanted Havannah so hopefully you will have more luck.  If you are interested in a new one, I ordered one via L4Leather saddle fitters near me for £875 x

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