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Apr 11

Posts: 64

My horse won't pick his legs up!

I have a 15.1hh irish cob. He's great at flatwork and showing but I really want to get him to pick his legs up more! He trails them along without seeming to make any effort to pick them up!

I've tried pole exercises but he just completly knocks them all over! I've also tried lunging exercises with poles to get him to pick his legs up but nothing seems to work. Could this also be why he doesn't want to trot over jumps? Even when i set up a tiiiny cross pole he tries to canter over it!

Please help! :)

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Apr 09

Posts: 813

mankyann says:

Re: My horse won't pick his legs up!

If pole work hasnt helped, i would look into physio to check that there isnt something pain related restricting his movement x

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Mar 10

Posts: 3273

greyandbay says:

Re: My horse won't pick his legs up!

I too have a 15hh irish cob, retired now, but back in the days when we would be schooling, she was a real pain with trotting poles and small x poles - poles would be flying in all directions as she just ploughed through them !!

Give her a xc course, or bigger showjumps, though, and she'd clear them no problem.......

My instructor reckoned she was just being lazy........but we never cured her, partly because she developed arthritis, and partly because she was - and still is - so b****y stubborn !!

Probably your cob is similar? and with huge feet to match lol.

Not a lot of help, I know, but I'm thinking it maybe just a cob thing........xx

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May 11

Posts: 41

Re: My horse won't pick his legs up!

She might be stiff. Strech out her legs before lunging/riding. Use wooden boards instead of poles. When she hits them they make noise and fall over which will scare her a  little. She'll try to pick up her feet so that she wont be scared by the noise.

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Oct 10

Posts: 25

Flashdance says:

Re: My horse won't pick his legs up!

Is he tripping over alot? Is it only when he's trotting?  I agree with mankyann it might be worth getting him checked out by physio or vet if it is pain related?

If you've had the all clear then is he getting enough energy from his feed?  My cob can be a bit sluggish sometimes and I tend to practice lots of transitions to get him to go a bit more forward.  

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