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Dec 10

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Mkirby says:

first show... help?

It is a couple of months away but was hoping to do my first ever show with my mare Lilly. I don't think my mare has ever been shown either. she is a 15hh bright bay TB X (unknnown) and is 7 years old. She has a black saddle and bridle with purple browband (we like purple) and no markings apart from a few white hairs on her face. also in new places where she doesn't know she bucks in canter but doesn't if she knows, what would i be able to do to help her out and stop this? she also doesn't like to stand still for too long... what could i do? I was hoping to enter some in-hand and ridden classes. any help? What would i need to wear, I currently have a black show jacket (but hasn't got a velvet collar) and black hat beige jods and black chaps and boots (I also have brown chaps and boots. what colour tie should I wear?

also any other advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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