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Apr 11

Posts: 1

Getting MY horse to stand still in the show ring!

Any advice would be greatly taken on this difficult matter! my sec d mare ls great in the show ring execpt when it comes to standing in the line up or standing in front of the judge.

while in the line up she throws her head around and rubs her curb chain along her chest. I have tried playing with the bit, and giving her head but nothing seems to work, it gets worse the longer she has to wait!

in front of the judge she does the same but also moves her back end when the judge walks around! reli need help with this as i dont no what else to try!!


thanks in advance


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Apr 09

Posts: 813

mankyann says:

Re: Getting MY horse to stand still in the show ring!

Typical welsh section d!

They seem to have the inability to stand still. Mine is a classic too, he seems to have spaghetti for brains when it comes to the simple stuff.

Practice standing still at him when riding. Or even at shows when your not in the ring. Trying to keep your body relaxed and still so your horse doesnt pick up any false signals to move.

I would also love to see other peoples advice as the fidget bum welsh sec d's seem renowned for silly headed behaviour!

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Nov 08

Posts: 1327

*chip* says:

Re: Getting MY horse to stand still in the show ring!

hahaha, gotta agree with mankyann, Sandman the sec D stallion i do also lacks the ability to stand still and follows the judge round when theyre looking at him, haha, erm, im gunna practise it loads at home and have random ppl walk round him, if inhand you can use grass or treats to try and keep them still, not sure what to try for ridden though as i dont do ridden shows atm =/

ride a gypsy vanner... it'll make your butt look smaller

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