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Jun 12

Posts: 6

Grommit says:

Re: Your horses!

Name: Grommit

Age: 2 and growing

breed: Appalossa x

height: 14.3 hh

description: a gentle horse, with a big ego, loves to play and a cuddle, can be a monster at times but loves eating carrots and all the grass he can

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  2. 215  

horse lover xx

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Nov 10

Posts: 32

Rascel123 says:

Re: Your horses!

Name : Goldrush (Goldie)

Age: 12/13

Breed : Welsh X

Height : 13hh

Description : full of energy -too much energy she loves to suddenly out of knowhere just bolt of and start bucking with her ears facing forward. Despite her height loves jumping and has jumped 3ft! Coudn't live without her!

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  1. goldie  


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Feb 11

Posts: 25

Brynlover12 says:

Re: Your horses!

Name: Biscuit

Age: 10

Breed: WelshXThouroughbred!

Height: 14.1hh

Description: Biscuit is the biggest babe i know and the most beautiful!!, she is an awsome little competitiion pony with amazing talent! at her first BE event she came 2nd, we are now really fit to go and compete and have amazing fun!

She can be a bit stroppy but i think all mares are like that sometimes! lol We flew round a 3ft XC course without even batting an eyelid on sunday when the last time we schooled was almost two months ago!

I love this pony so much its unreal and i want people to know!




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  2. DSC_1590 - Copy  
  3. Epping Forest-20120701-00112  

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Dec 11

Posts: 54

inthepink says:

Re: Your horses!

 Name: Shady (In The Pink II on his passport!)
Age: 7
Breed: Not sure but some kind of irish/tb/jumping breeding!
Height: 16hh
Description: Such a baby!! I've had him since he was 5, got him quite green and he's slowly growing up and learning to behave... But he has lots of little quirks, can't be hosed, clipped, sprayed with anything... The list goes on!! But he is an amazing jumper (I know he can definitely do about 1.20m and I'm hoping as his canter improves we might be able to do a bit more) and he's got stunning paces so hopefully might be able to event him at some point, seeing as he seems to love his cross country. But he is very soppy, loves a cuddle and just stands for ages licking your hands or with his head snuggled up to me!


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  1. P1000356  
  2. Shady jumping 20:5:2012  

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Feb 11

Posts: 95

PennyPops says:

Re: Your horses!

- 12.2, bay, mare. AGE: 9 or 16?


Really not sure old she is! Help!!! We're not sure to go by the dentist or her passport. In her PP is says she's 16 by now, however last year at camp there was an Equine Dentist and he examinined her teeth. He reckons she's 9!! Got her 5 years ago.. the age of 4? Or 4 years ago the age of 11? HELP!!

When we got her she could only jump over a pole, flatwork was rubbish, no outline, reared, bucked, nervy, couldn't be tied up on her own, couldn't be paired with another horse.. etc..

Now can jump 3ft as a single, go in an outline, doesn't rear or buck as much, not nervy as much, can be tied up on her own, not as bad being paired with anything of coming away from another horse and her flat work is better!

But, still not sure of her age!! HELP MEEEE!! :O


Picture 2 - bit over-bent (Not best picture ever... :( )

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  1. 3ft Penny  
  2. Penny Schooling  
  3. XC with Penny  


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