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Apr 11

Posts: 4

Levade says:

Your horses!

I'm new here, and making this post out of general nosiness :D

So lets see your horses!!

Name: Piper

Age: 8

Breed: Thoroughbred

Height: 15.3hh

Description: My newest boy :) He's a little ex racehorse who I hope to do dressage with!!




Attached images:

  1. piper  

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Apr 10

Posts: 430

lauralou15 says:

Re: Your horses!

 At the moment (before hes sold)

Name: Tetley

Age: 18

Breed: Welsh Sec D ( Dam: Gernant Beauty Sire: Ffoslas dafydd)

Height: 15.2hh

Description: Super horse! Really safe comfy and smooth ride. he carries himself lovely even out hacking apparently he has won many prizes in the past! he is terribly depressed at the moment though as his companion of 10 years was sold the other day and he is missing her like mad! he is hilarious when out on a hack as when you ask him to canter he puts in a couple of little bucks as a sort of YEY lets go!! Lovely Lovely horse and i will be sad to see him go if only i could afford to have him myself.

Attached images:

  1. 4962064-687t  
  2. IMG_0168  
  3. IMG_0169  

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Feb 10

Posts: 451

SarahR123 says:

Re: Your horses!

Name: Tehya

Age: 13 according to her passport

Breed: Selle Francais

Height: 16.2

Description: My beautiful black mare.  Bit bi-polar - very soppy and loving or grumpy!  Softest most kissable nose in the world!  My field ornament as she has KS and other issues. 

Name: Missy

Age: 19

Breed: TBx

Height: 15.2

Description: My little superstar.  Very opinionated.  Growing old disgracefully.  Loves a cuddle and loves her stable.  Likes to think she's a purebred TB - has all the attitude to suit!

Probably the best horses in the paraphrase a lager ad!

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Jan 12

Posts: 34

stormingtoby says:

Re: Your horses!

name: Toby

age: 5

breed: connemara

hieght: 14.1hh

description: very nosey! and cheeky - fantastic jumper !

He knows when you're happy, He knows when you're comfortable, He knows when you're confident, And he always knows when you have carrots!!

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Aug 08

Posts: 8

sammyp says:

Re: Your horses!

I am greedy and have 2

Name: Scrumpy Jack

Age : 8yrs

Breed : Cleavland Bay x New Forest (BAY)

Height: 14.3h

Scrumpy Jack is the sweetest ever, he had a nasty life before I had him and hated humans, we are now best friends and taking our first dressage test together soon!!

Name : Atherton

Age : 20yrs

Breed : TB (Chesnut)

Height : 16.2h ( but i think a little bigger, my mum holding himin the picture and she is 5f 4")

Atherton is crazy, being an ex racehorse he goes everywhere at 100 mph, galloping along and rearing up and his most fav things

Attached images:

  1. atherton  
  2. IMG00293-20100808-1630  

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Apr 12

Posts: 1

georgeNjack says:

Re: Your horses!

Name: Jack


Breed: Thoroughbred X Appaloosa

Height: 16.1hh

Description: My life support! My best friend, cheeky, huge heart and always tries. He knows me inside out like many others will feel :) He's awsome. Had him for years although he is recovering from a fractured knee bone been on box rest for 6 mnths already, we're both going slightly mad. But you gotta' love em'!!

Attached images:

  1. Jack  
  2. Jackie  

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Oct 07

Posts: 1472

dollymix says:

Re: Your horses!

 Ah jack is kinda gorgeous :-)

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Nov 09

Posts: 617

alrees says:

Re: Your horses!

So many lovely horses!!
I have two..
Name - Red Bandit
Age - 4 years
Breed - Anglo-arab x welsh cob
Height - 14'1hh
Description - He's a cheeky ginger nut! forward going and loves to be ridden, looking forward to getting him out and about!

Name -India May
Age - Nearly 2 years
Breed- Traditional cob x ID x appaloosa
Height - 15'1hh to make 16hh
Description - My big,beautiful softie!! Only a baby but so relaxed,loyal and loveable,she is everyone's friend!!

Attached images:

  1. 26.02.2012 020  
  2. reeeed  

~Beauty is in the eye of the beholder~ ~Never judge a horse by its past,always look at what it can do for you in the future~

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Nov 10

Posts: 977

cookiecrazy says:

Re: Your horses!

 I love each one of these horses on here :')

Name- Merlin

Showname- Real Deal

age- 6

breed- Irish Cob 

colour- spotted (rarest cob colour!)

height- 14.1hh

Description- a real trier and such a good friend and partner. Full of beans pretty much 24/7 and loves his food. Cross Country pony or hunter really (see pic of him leaping a twig!!!) im trying to enter a few ridden cobs this year :L eeek

Attached images:

  1. stunnah  
  2. Untitled 0 01 30-36  
  3. yoho avatarr  


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May 11

Posts: 126

Icebunny says:

Your horses!

Name- Bootz

Showname- Bishwell Pompeii (Registered name)

age- 2 (3 on the 9th May)

breed- Welsh Section D

colour- Chestnut

height- 14hh currently

Description- a real cheeky playful chap.  Absolutely stunning with fantastic movement.  Loves his food and morning lie ins when i have dragged myself out of bed to turn him out - lol.  Cant wait for the summer to start breaking him.

Attached images:

  1. 577536_10150797464321412_742611411_11528800_1211200585_n  

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Feb 11

Posts: 13

MoominTroll says:

Re: Your horses!

Name: Comet

Show name: Comical Comet

Age: 12

Breed: connemara

Colour: Grey

Height: 15 hh

Description: an ex-eventer who hurt his legs so got passed down to me to do whp. he is really grumpy & just likes you to get on & go with him. he is an absolute superstar with everything he does - even though he can often get over excited & either bomb off or buck - & i absolutely adore him!!


Attached images:

  1. Meg & Commiue  

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