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Mar 11

Posts: 10

xxcocoxx says:

How can I help her loose weight gently?

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Nov 10

Posts: 977

cookiecrazy says:

Re: How can I help her loose weight gently?

 Hi, you also did a post on getting your pony fit for pony club right??

Well make a fitness plan and STICK to it.

week 1- go on really really long hacks but just in walk with only a few trots to build up stamina and gently introduce her into the work you'll be asking for.

week 2- start doing lots of hill work and trotting. This will really build up key muscles.

week 3- start fast hacks and some small jumps.

week 4- Now you can start to really work her and she will muscle up and lose her belly!!

good luck.

Alos, in this time of year ponies just DO get fat so maybe put her on restricted grazing or change her feed.


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Apr 11

Posts: 3

cheespuf316 says:

RE: How can I help her loose weight gently?

This is really difficult.. but you need to cut down on any treats you feed her.

When my mare was over-weight, everything worked apart from the fact that i kept feeding her treats...

If she's going to keep the weight off, only feed treats as a reward or to soothe her when she gets scared.

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Apr 11

Posts: 33

emilee says:

RE: How can I help her loose weight gently?

1. you could gradually cut down on the amount of food you give her.

2. cut down on treats, only give her one when she is eceptionally good.

3. increase the amount of excercise she does, for example, 1/2 hour ride will be increased to 1 hour. working from flat to jump, to build up her muscles, as well as doing bending work. 

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Apr 11

Posts: 4

RE: How can I help her loose weight gently?

Cutting down food is a good option as i think most people are guilty of over feeding, i will put my hand up to it , also less grass maybe as grass does put wieght on horses. make sure you gradually start to work your horse harder , lunge as well, it helps to balance your horse . change your feed down to chaff and a little hard feed and stop titbits as they can be full of fat and sugar


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